A great friend and a good companion.

Hi Montanita,

I’m at the bench where we used to go together. It’s lonely without you sniffing and trying to find your perfect place to do your poo!

I hope you’re not in pain where you are, and again I’m sorry for not having done better for you. You are so, so special and we thank you for bringing so much into our lives and asking only to be loved in return! You filled our lives with love and we thank you. Our loves are better for having spent time with you, and we thank you!

We should have fought harder for you, and for that, I’m sorry.

Thank you for your love, not only for me, but especially for Marina who found you 13 years ago on the streets of Puerto Escondido, Mexico. Ever since, you were constant companions. You were the best friend, and our shining star.

Thank you again! We miss you.

I hope you’re happy, and not in pain.